Computer networks are established in an office setup to facilitate sharing of data and information between users. A good network is key to running day-to-day operations in a company. It should be reliable and secure.

For you to share files between users, access web applications or access websites or even any software that is connected to a server and used by multiple users, you need a network. It can either be LAN(Local Area Network) or WAN(Wide Area Network).

Enterprise Network Design & Management of modern data centres poses several challenges. They include limited IT budgets, Security, scalability, and availability.

The changing landscape of technology coupled with the daily administration tasks and remediation requirements of physical server infrastructures can hinder companies in their ability to grow their IT environments to meet the needs of their business. Erideka Kenya offers Enterprise Network Design & Management to help you manage your IT infrastructure professionally.

Enterprise Network Design and Implementation

We provide Enterprise Network Design and Implementation Solutions for all businesses across all verticals. We have expertise in Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) analysis, consulting design and implementation. Design and build secure Network Operations Centre (NOC) Solutions.

Deliver best-in-class solutions build on varied technologies by the leader such as Cisco, Ruckus, SolarWinds Whatsup Gold, Peplink, FortiWAN, Barracuda, and F5.

You can count on us for effective, result-oriented quick enterprise network design and implementation services. We understand what it takes to create simple to complex network design solutions and implement them with all due diligence and intelligence. We provide infrastructure design services which are for both wide-area networks (WANs) and local-area networks (LANs).

If you require a new network or if you want to expand an existing network, our proficient network Team will make sure you get an ideal network solution that will have the least interruption and help you operate your business seamlessly.

We aim to create a network design solution that is on par with excellence and implement it more effectively to bring in tons of benefits for your business.

Designing and developing cost-effective network solutions which can be adapted flexibly as per the changing and growing technology and business requirements. We have unparalleled experience to design the most complex protocol configurations for large-scale enterprise networks.

Network Analysis and Assessment

Erideka Kenya’s team of certified specialists will analyse and document your network’s security, reliability and performance which allows you to make informed decisions critical to your company’s success.

Complete Network and Bandwidth Analysis VPN and Remote access testing and review Open port testing and analysis Assessment of upgrades, migration plans or complete network replacements Network mapping and topology analysis and documentation Network Discovery which can uncover unauthorised users and services.