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At Erideka Kenya, our experience and technical knowledge have allowed us to become a leader in the design and installation of video surveillance hardware and software. From doorways to rooftops, walkways to parking lots, our systems deliver maximum protection for people, property, and physical assets. We can custom design and install video surveillance and digital recording system to meet any commercial need.

Modern video surveillance equipment and supporting software are flexible, cost-effective, and easy to operate. The best video or CCTV (closed-circuit television) system for your building or facility is one that we design and engineer to meet your specific needs.

Our video surveillance systems by Dahua, Vangold, HikVision, Uniview, Milestone Systems, Axis, Bosch, Exacq, Infinova, March Networks, Pelco, and Avigilon offer comprehensive security solutions and an extra pair of eyes on your people and your physical assets


Benefits of CCTV Surveillance Systems

  • Intelligent video analytics to help identify threats and create alarms based on those threats.
  • Ability to track individuals as they approach, enter or leave premises.
  • Assist with on-premise loss prevention measures.
  • Reduce the threat of fraudulent claims.
  • Ensure employee productivity.
  • Ensure employee safety.
  • Easily monitored and controlled from a centralized security office.
  • Deter criminal behavior and activity.
  • Reduce physical security labor costs.
  • Meets required security measure for certain types of properties.
  • Record threat and incident information.

CCTV surveillance is commonplace at the entrances and exits of commercial buildings and related facilities. Cameras sweep the parking lots that surround retail store locations. It is also a critical element in higher education campus security. In the latest years, statistics show that spending on video surveillance equipment has more than doubled. As its popularity has increased, criminal behavior has dropped.

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