Custom Software Development Services

Staying on top of any industry requires innovation and evolution. Need guidance in leveraging the latest technologies for your business?
Leverage our Product Delivery teams to facilitate our expertise in custom software development, legacy systems modernization, integration, and IT consulting.

How do our Custom Software Solutions Work?
Stay ahead of the competition with customized enterprise software built to suit your business challenges and goals. Our experienced team will work with you to design, develop, and implement a fully custom solution to help you move forward.
Integrating software is a vital aspect of Application Portfolio Management. Our integration solutions include enterprise applications, point-to-point, data, cloud-based, and IoT integrations.
If your legacy applications fail, it can cost your business millions in revenue, weeks in development or security troubleshooting, and the trust of your customers. At Erideka Kenya, we’ll analyse your infrastructure and develop a solution to help you update your legacy systems, improve IT security, and reduce business costs.
The world of technology is changing every single day and business moves fast. At Erideka Kenya, we always keep an open mind for testing new technologies, so that you can leverage our expertise to move ahead of the competition. We’ll help you make the right tech decisions and harness innovations.

Delivering Results You Need, The Way You Need

Thanks to the vast experience in software development as a service, Erideka Kenya developers have succeeded in numerous areas.

Software From Scratch

We develop software solutions from the ground up. Erideka Kenya team can pick your project up from the moment you've got that brilliant idea in your mind and translate it into a fully functional product.

Integration Into Projects

Lacking talents to bring your ideas to fruition? You can hire a dedicated team of developers to avoid any development lags and keep your project running smoothly.

Legacy Modernization

Move seamlessly from your old monolithic legacy systems to a new flexible architecture without losing any of your essential data.

Maintenance and Support

Our enterprise software development services ensure the longevity of the product - Erideka Kenya supports and maintains software solutions throughout their lifecycle.

Designing IT Infrastructure

To make sure your entire system runs perfectly, we design and develop a functional infrastructure that fosters growth and accounts for future scalability needs.

Quality Assurance

Our QA specialists run regular tests to make sure your system functions as intended. We detect and fix bugs and prevent security threats, so you can sleep tight.


Custom Development Process

Strategy & Idealization

Business Goals Analysis. | Competitive Review. | Technical Review. | Risk Identification.

We’ll help you build a successful project roadmap by defining your development needs, and core functionality, and discussing competitors, and business KPIs.

Software Design.

UX/UI Design. | Database Design. | API Design. | Architecture Design.

Bring your ideas to life with a design your customers and team will love.


Custom Software. | Mobile Development. | Web Development. | DevOps.

We offer full-cycle development of custom software, mobile and web applications together with strategic consulting and project management.

Testing & Implementation.

Quality Assurance. | Trouble Shooting. | Project Governance. | Implementation.

We run both manual and automated tests and check every component of your software to eliminate possible issues.

Software Support

Product Launch. | Product Support. | Monitoring. | Feedback & Analysis.

Keep your software, networks, and platforms running smoothly with our efficient maintenance, support, and hosting services.






How We Boost Your Success

Focus on Customer Experience

As software application development experts, we always keep your needs in focus. We give you a personalized approach to your project that accounts for your specs and builds a strong connection with your team.

Time to Market Acceleration

We quickly build a functional prototype you can already show to your target audience. After that, we continue working on expanding and improving its features based on the user feedback.

Efficient Development

We help you reduce development time and cost by applying agile practices using fast, trackable, and coherent sprints. Erideka Kenya works fast without compromising the quality.

Scalability and Reliability

We account for your future needs, so we build solutions that can be easily modified and scaled up whenever you want. We also modify and update your existing solutions to help you meet new business challenges all set and ready.

Why would you need an external team?

There are several reasons why you might be willing to hire software developers offshore:

  • You are a small business lacking in-house professionals
  • Lack of skills and knowledge required for the project
  • You need a fresh outside look on your project
  • An individual freelancer does not suffice for your needs

The Right Partner for Your Digital Transformation

You don’t always need to have a full-stack team of developers to stay on the spearhead of digital innovation.

We Deliver

Here at Erideka Kenya, we offer tech staffing to augment your team and breathe some fresh ideas and vision to achieve your goals. We provide custom software development services for startups, unicorns, medium, and large businesses offering unparalleled expertise

Realize Your Vision

Erideka Kenya offers skills and knowledge required to make your vision come to life. We use the best hardware and house a second to none talent pool to provide the best outsourcing software development services in the Kenya, africa and around the world..

Own Your Project

Partnership with Erideka Kenya equals knowledge sharing and full transparency – we do not just code, we become a part of your team, a partner who takes part in your digital transformation making sure each developer brings something valuable to the table.

Professional Consulting for Your Success

Business Goals Mapping

We map your business goals and evaluate your current IT capabilities to find out which solutions would suit your needs best. We offer honest and transparent consulting to deliver custom development services that truly serve your interests.

Competitive Review

We review the market to find the leverages that ensure your competitive edge. We study your competitors too, so that we can clearly understand which solutions would help you gain the upper hand within your industry vertical.

Technical Direction

We consult your tech teams on the solutions that are most likely to bring positive results and add value to your business. We ensure professional cooperation between the teams to achieve great results and set your developers on the right path.

Enterprise Product Strategy

We help you develop a laser-focused enterprise product strategy that takes the interests of your target audience into account, pierces through the market noise, and produces the desired results.

Risk Identification

We identify the risk factors and suggest solutions to avoid and eliminate those. With the market and tech expertise we’ve gained, we can guarantee frictionless performance of the end-product.

Refining Requirements

We polish the architectural design to make sure the project runs in accordance with the pre-established requirements and within determined timeframes.

Tell Us About Your Project

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