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The times in which one cannot rely on anyone around might need some safety measures to keep an eye on people. For maybe keeping a check on people; for security reasons or maybe just to keep a check generally on the kids around for protection or any other reason. For this reason, people put on spy cameras and security cameras and that helps them to keep a check on different places and events and people. At Erideka Limited we help you in providing the ultimate review about the best wireless hidden spy camera. Below explore some of the Spy Cameras we have:-

Wall Clock WiFi Camera

This Wall Clock with WiFi hidden camera is a practical and beautiful clock that serves the purpose of keeping time in your home and at the same time watches every single move that happens in your home in the most discreet manner ever. Whether you are in the office or outside the country you can simply connect to it via an App on your phone and watch any time of the day. Additionally, it can work without WiFi in case you don’t have WiFi.

Spy Glasses

Popular with investigators, extreme sports enthusiasts to personal fun recording, spy camera glasses are a fun, low-cost way to record video on the go, hands-free. These unique gadgets are right out of an action movie, featuring fully integrated DVR camera systems that allow you to record exactly what you see through your own eyes. Hidden camera glasses are different from a spy camera pen or a camcorder watch because you won’t arouse any suspicion when taping your subjects. Easy to use, spy glasses can begin recording with the push of a button. Spy sunglasses are a stylish way to record festivals, concerts, street scenes, and much more. And they’re great to wear when playing sports to capture all the action hands-free.

Bulb WiFi Camera

The spy bulb WiFi camera is a 360-degree wide-angle camera that can be used to monitor activities in your business such as Mpesa shops, beauty parlors, office, or even home. The camera can light up as a normal bulb via an application on the phone and not through the switch as per your normal conventional bulbs. It is also equipped with night vision so it’s perfect for cases of theft

Spy Pen Camera

Ideal for business and on the move video recording surveillance. Are you about to sign that life-changing land transaction? Or just about to buy a car from a not too trusting car broker or in a meeting in which you need to get damning information? Then the spy pen camera is your next best friend.

Table Clock WiFi Camera

This camera can record both continuous video or motion detection. A motion sensor built into the nanny cam will detect movement and begin recording automatically. You won’t need to worry about manually starting the recording. The built-in setup allows you to select the specific areas where you want the camera to detect motion so that insignificant triggers like curtains blowing in the wind do not activate the recording.

Spy Watch

This product is the world’s first high-definition night vision and infrared camera watch,

The watch can take HD quality videos, record crisp audio, and take excellent pictures at the same time. It has an aesthetic and exquisite design that is great to adorn yourself with.

Its practicability lies in various areas such as discreet business investigations, personal security, and safety. Also its widely applied, investigative journalism, media, tourism, personal adventures such as hiking birthday parties, etc.

PnP Outdoor Camera

This outdoor camera cuts down the costs of costly and conventional CCTV systems. (i.e. no need for the external hard drive, monitor or DVR). It simply uses a memory card that acts as your hard drive. A 32GB memory card can record up to 2 weeks. This is the best plug and plays solution to monitoring outdoor activities. No special technical expertise is needed to operate this camera. Simply put a memory card in the device, connect to power and you are good to go.

Power Bank WiFi Camera

Working like a normal power bank for charging your phone, this Power Bank WiFi Camera can act as a decoy to do discrete recordings on your car/home/office or even on the move and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

It has a 5000MaH battery rating that can keep charge without recharging for up to 10 hours.

It can also work without WiFi meaning it can record on a memory card for later review either on phone or laptop. We Also have ones without WiFi

Dashboard Car Camera

This car rearview camera is an ideal spy camera for taxis, buses, and also personal cars. It’s a great product to use for accident reconstruction and prevent potential criminal activities in your vehicle.

It has an extremely sharp video recording capability and additionally has both loop recording capability and autostart recording whenever the vehicle engine is switched on.

Flash Drive Voice Recorder

The Flash Drive Voice Recorder is extremely useful in places where for the sake of privacy you wouldn’t want to put a video recorder for instance in the nanny’s room.

Additionally it can be used in business meetings, lecture halls, or on the move discreet recording.

It records extremely sharp and crisp audio with a radius of 40m. Above all its extremely easy to use.

Speaker WIFI remote camera

View remotely anywhere in the world at the comfort of your Android and iPhone smartphones or Tablets.

This WIFI remote surveillance camera looks like a miniature speaker. When its placed in the entertainment unit of the sitting room it discreetly blends in with the other electronics such as the TV, decoder, DVD player, and home theatre system.

It has a fantastic angle of viewing and has excellent video footage. Additionally it’s very easy to install and connect to your phone wherever you are in the world to monitor what is happening in your home, office, or business.

HD Button Camera

This is a miniature button camera that has superb video quality. It comes together with a clipper that can be attached to a shirt, jacket, or even any other surface of your choice. It comes with a USB power cable. It’s highly used in places where you want to record clear video and audio in a room or on the move.