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Video surveillance has many uses—both exposed and concealed. It can be integrated with other systems such as access control, and viewed from anywhere in the world due to network capability.

Access control is a security feature that allows a company to control who has access to certain areas within a building or office space.  It gives an organization control and monitors the flow of people into and out of space.

Erideka Limited being among the leading provider of the Bio-metric Systems in Kenya & East Africa, our systems can register thousands of fingerprints and keep all attendance logs in the system’s database.

The society is safer today thanks to the Erideka Limited. These Door phone systems can be installed in the office, at home or in a hotel setting. Choose how to communicate with visitors and clients. Let clients order service from the comfort of their rooms, and still speak to the visitor at the gate before security lets them in.

Erideka Limited has over 3-4 years created a reputation of being the best home, house, office and commercial burglar and intruder alarm systems installer of different types of security alarm systems in Kenya & East Africa Region.

The times in which one cannot rely on anyone around might need some safety measures to keep an eye on people. For maybe keeping a check on people; for security reasons or maybe just to keep a check generally on the kids around for protection or any other reason.