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Computer networks are established in an office set up to facilitate the sharing of data and information between users. A good network is a key to running day to day operations in a company. It should be reliable and secure.
For you to share files between users, access web applications, access websites, or any software that is connected to a server and used by multiple users. You need a network. It can either be LAN(Local Area Network) or WAN(Wide Area Network).

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Structured Cabling

What type of cabling system do we use? When was the last time we upgraded our network cabling? These are some of the questions that any business owner should have answers to. Remember, your IT network is the backbone of your organization. If your organization fails to establish a strong network in place, it is certain that your employees waste time and productivity every day. According to the study conducted by a Switzerland-based developer and provider for cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructure, R&M, the performance of the local area networks (LAN) is reaching the limits in many existing office buildings.

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