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Erideka Limited has over 3-4 years created a reputation of being the best home, house, office and commercial burglar and intruder alarm systems installer of different types of security alarm systems in Kenya & East Africa Region.

Erideka Limited has both standard and GSM security alarm systems that detect movement when a door or window is opened. The sensor then triggers a strobe light or siren, indicating that someone may be trying to break in. Motion detectors can monitor large areas in a house or business premises. In the event of any movement within its range, the device sounds a siren or sends a distress signal to programmed phone numbers for a response. The intelligent motion detectors can tell the difference between an intruder and a family pet. This is the best home security system in Kenya and East Africa if it installed and serviced by a reputable stockist.

As one of the leading company that provides Intruder alarm systems, our services include:

  – Home Intruder alarm systems

  – Integrated Intruder alarm systems-can work with other systems like CCTV, fire warning systems, Bio-metric Access Controls, lights, etc

  – Commercial Intruder alarm systems for offices, warehouses, shops, etc

  – Manual alarms, activated by pressing a distress switch

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